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»Once cordage, today aircraft seats. Let's do it!«

Rainer Brechler, leader

technical manufacturer

an all around skilled occupation with perspective for men and women

 „I have to go to Austria tomorrow in order to determine the thickness for a 100 series of semi tarpaulins. The client hasn't got a drawing!“ This comment is not unusual for the technical manufacturer at OELLERKING but rather it belongs to the fully normal professional life.  It is definitely not boring in this profession.

In short: The technical manufacturer constructs tailored tarpaulins for every technical application, above all for vehicles and bins involved in road, rail and container logistics.

His main tasks are:
  • taking measurements of containers, tent constructions and vehicles
  • making production drawing , piece strips and work tarpaulins
  • the reading and transfer from drawings and working papers
  • being involved the the processing of cutting out, welding, sewing and bonding of tarpaulin materials and technical fabrics
  • specification of labelling components
  • customer consultations
  • travel activity
  • production monitoring
  • work on the object
  • work on PC and at the desk
Best career prospects

The increasing number of vehicles with a tarpaulin construction as well as the expected strong upwards trend in Europ's logistics branch make the work profile of the technical manufacturer to be one of the professions with the best career opportunities in the next few years.

The perspective of a subsequent master's training can be used as  decision criteria at OELLERKING in addition to the possibility of receiving a position with the firm. 

Further information about the profession of a technical manufacturer you can get from the video