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»Your bulk material pipeline to the customer so that any trouble is cast away!«

Johannes Jensen, product manager

Bulk liner bags

We recommend our OELLERKING bulk liner bags for a cost-effective transport concept. The bulk liner bags bring together all the advantages of a standard container:

  • door to door transportation
  • time saving due to the elimination of consuming cleaning of the containers 
  • reduction of packaging material
  • continuous flow of goods
  • easy to install
  • fitted to your needs, transport requirements and cargo goods


With the Sweatking sensitive goods are protected against moisture in the container.  You can't be sure enough: This way damage due to dampness or mold does not even occur.

Further advantages with the OELLERKING Sweatking

  • faster and easier installation
  • reusable
  • environment friendly

Container tarpaulins
for all areas

Artic coldness or tropical heat - it does not matter what the weather is like:  OELLERKING quality tarpaulins measure up to the highest requirements due to to their quality implementation.

The OELLERKING container tarpaulins provide all round implementation.  Aside from their positioning in  open-top containers the tarpaulins are also used for flats and open-side containers.

In case any damage might occur you will receive self-adhesive repair patches.


PE-foil liner bag


accessible liner bag with Sweatking


polyester, polyacrylic fabric liner bag


adhesive repair patches


thermal lining


linings for trailer


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