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»NATO-olive is our favourite colour«

Patrick Voigt,product manager

State of the art technology

Always up to date in technology: With a modern, efficient machine park possessing a laser cutting system as well as latching machines and many sewing machines, we obtain high-grade sewn products.

Our experienced regular teamwork together with high-grade technical fabrics produces an optimum product for the respective intended use. For years the assortment of sewn fabrics has been an important part of our production bandwidth.

Assortment of sewn fabrics

In the sewing section of the Schleswig factory the order production and pattern development take place. The mass production is assembled with a high quality standard in close permanent connection with Hansa Tex in Poland.

A portion of the present range of products includes bags, protective vests and holsters as well as the covering for aircraft seats and system components in all imaginable sorts and forms.

OELLERKING is your capable partner for customers from all segments of commercial trade as well as from the armed forces.

»Small and fine – individual production and pattern development«

Astrid Solms, head of the sewn fabrics department


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